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        1. 家用電梯設計注意事項

            Location and space of elevator shaft: determine the location and space of elevator shaft. It is a good plan to install an elevator in the middle of the stairs and combine it with the stairs.

             staircase middle, corner, plug-in can be, in the middle of the channel is not blocked.

            The width of the shaft is inversed by the width of the door opening, and the height of the car is inversed by the height of the top floor.

            The recommended carrying capacity is 3-4 persons, 225-320kg, and the inner size of the car is 0.8-1.0m2. The relative carrying capacity of the area can be larger than that of the passenger elevator to increase the comfort.

            The determination of style: mainly consider the environment and personal preferences, followed by the consideration of cost and difficulty.

            The enclosed hoistway is equipped with enclosed car, and the sightseeing hoistway is equipped with sightseeing car, which can be used for sightseeing on three sides or part. It is recommended to install glass windows on the door.

            The car has various shapes. Rectangle, circle and combination type are OK. It is recommended to use automatic folding door with transparent material.

            Due to the large number of elevator components, it is not easy to use transparent glass for family sightseeing elevator.


             Functions and safety measures of domestic elevator. Users of domestic elevators lack elevator professional knowledge and service personnel, and their safety can not be reduced. It is better to configure according to the standard of passenger elevators.

            There are generally two ways to open the door. Automatic door and manual door. Automatic and manual doors must have mechanical and electrical interlocking function to prevent the landing door from being opened when the door is opened and the elevator is not available.

             In foreign countries, there are 2-story domestic elevators without shaft or door. But there must be safety measures to prevent shear collision.

            Some villas elevator manual swing door design. Car no door. Then the light curtain door must be installed to prevent the risk of friction, collision and extrusion.

            It is suggested that the car should be connected with local extension unit to prevent the trouble from trapped people and call for help.

            Measures and procedures for self rescue in case of being trapped are added. Passengers are not allowed to save themselves in passenger elevators. Families are not the same. If they copy it completely, they may be trapped for a long time.

            It is equipped with power-off emergency leveling function and device as standard. However, this function should be used in abnormal conditions such as maintenance.

            Plane layout and shape of car: in order to save area, reasonable layout is needed, and the scheme of double side opening automatic door and counterweight side setting is more reasonable. The shaft width of 1200mm corresponds to the car width of 850mm and the door opening width of 700mm.

            The first choice is to install the domestic elevator in the hollow space of U-shaped stairs. Steel structure shaft, light transmission design.

            If it is circular staircase with circular elevator, it is more beautiful. Two kinds, one is common semi circle arc car with plane automatic door, the other is arc car with circular arc automatic door.

            Bottom pit and top layer; bottom pit is to install buffer and hold car bottom, top layer is to install traction machine. Some jump floor can not dig the pit, the top height is small, etc., household elevator must be flexible design, suit measures to local conditions.

            Generally, the small pit is 150 mm, and the non pit can use the decorative floor to borrow the pit, and then the elevator will raise another step, about 70 ~ 100 mm.

            The height of the top floor is more than 2438 mm, and the inner height of the car is 2032 mm

            Drive and control system: the current market drive mode: sprocket drive, hydraulic drive, traction drive, gearless drive, screw drive. Gearless drive and sprocket drive are adopted.

            1、鏈輪驅動:優點:產品成本低,耗電低,占用空間小,無需機房,只需最小150mm底坑,速度最高0.3m/s. 全機械運動。缺點:會產生低于60分貝的噪音.
            Sprocket drive: advantages: low cost, low power consumption, small space occupation, no machine room, only the minimum 150 mm pit, the maximum speed of 0.3 M / s. Disadvantages: noise below 60 dB

            Hydraulic drive: advantages: low power consumption, small pit requirements, speed up to 0.3m/s. No noise during operation. Disadvantages: high product cost. There are requirements for external temperature. In addition, we must choose a well-known manufacturer, otherwise the maintenance cost will be very high in the later stage, and the small machine room will be about 1 m3.

            Traction drive: advantages: low power consumption, small space, no need for machine room, small pit requirements, speed of >0.3m/s, no noise during operation. Disadvantages: high product cost.

            The performance of passenger elevator microcomputer board is stable, the function is complete, the price is not high, and it is easy to use simple debugging fool type.

            With the emergency leveling function of power-off, the advantage is to prevent people from being trapped by power-off, and the disadvantage is to avoid people being hurt by power-off during maintenance. In case of power-off, logic circuit switching should be designed.

            The contactors are of silent type: the capacity should be increased by one grade appropriately, the dust and fire in the process of home decoration should be protected.

            When using hydraulic system in North China, the effect of low temperature should be considered.

            The power of the hydraulic ladder is large, the energy consumption is high, and the structure of the knapsack frame is unreasonable.

             Safety: door failure accounts for a large proportion of elevator failures. Once the front door protection fails or fails, the consequences will be serious, especially for villa elevators without car doors.

            At present, there are a lot of elevator single choice light screen protection, to prevent the risk of light screen failure. It's better to have a touch plate, but it's troublesome to install and debug the touch plate of passenger elevator. A movable small fan with electric switch can be installed in the front of the car door.

            In order to prevent the accident of stepping into the shaft by mistake, the door must have the function of mechanical and electrical interlocking, at least the mechanical lock linked with the lift car and the electrical switch associated with the landing door.

            Speed appropriate: because the family floor is not much, not high, the elderly and people with mobility disabilities use. It's not easy to be too fast. 2 layers 0.25m/s, 3 layers above 0.3 ~ 0.5m/s.


             Interior and exterior decoration: household elevator must pay attention to decoration. The focus of decoration is not luxury, but combined with home decoration style. Simple and practical, increase the highlight of home life as the principle, wooden car, sightseeing car, stainless steel car, ceiling lamp, mirror lamp, energy saving lamp, etc. External veneer, tile and marble are OK.
             Comprehensive service; family installation of domestic elevator, involving civil engineering, structure, decoration, electrical, waterproof, reinforcement, shock absorption. Noise reduction, safety and other professional knowledge need to be considered comprehensively. Users want to save worry and trouble. Manufacturers should provide more comprehensive services. For example, the design, production and installation of shaft frame, the design, production and installation of external decoration materials, etc.
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