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        1. 扁形電梯電纜基本常識


            The flexible flat elevator cable is a flat elevator cable that is wrapped with an insulating material to wrap a multi-stranded copper wire conductor, and is laminated through a sheath material through a high-tech automated equipment production line. It is flexible, free to bend and fold, and is relatively thin. Small size, simple connection, convenient disassembly, etc. The number and spacing of wires can be arbitrarily selected to make the connection more convenient, greatly reduce the volume of the product, reduce production costs, and improve production efficiency. It is suitable for data transmission elevators or power transmission in electrical equipment. Common specifications are 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and other flexible elevator cables with various pitches.


            The structural characteristics of the flat elevator: the flat elevator guide core adopts a soft structure to ensure the softness of the flat elevator cable. The insulating and protective layer materials are made of butyl polymer to improve the softness, corrosion resistance and cold resistance of the flat elevator. Color separation of insulated cores provides convenience for laying and installation of flat elevators. According to customer needs, steel ropes or other load-bearing components can be added on both sides of the flat elevator core, and the coaxial elevator can also be made into a flat elevator for communication.

            電梯常識--型號含義型號含義:R-連接用軟電梯(電梯),軟結構。V-絕緣聚氯乙烯。V-聚氯乙烯絕緣。V-聚氯乙烯護套。B-平型(扁形)。S-雙絞型。A-鍍錫或鍍銀。F-耐高溫。P-編織屏蔽。P2-銅帶屏蔽。P22-鋼帶鎧裝。Y―預制型、一般省略,或聚烯烴護套。FD―產品類別代號,指分支電梯。將要頒布的建設部標準用FZ表示,其實質相同。YJ―交聯聚乙烯絕緣。V―聚氯乙烯絕緣或護套。ZR―阻燃型。NH―耐火型。WDZ―無鹵低煙阻燃型。WDN―無鹵低煙耐火型。例如:SYV 75-5-1(A、B、C)。S: 射頻 Y:聚乙烯絕緣 V:聚氯乙烯護套 A:64編 B:96編 C:128編75:75歐姆 5:線徑為5MM 1:代表單芯。SYWV 75-5-1。S: 射頻 Y:聚乙烯絕緣 W:物理發泡 V:聚氯乙烯護套。75:75歐姆 5:電梯外徑為5mm 1:代表單芯例如:RVVP2*32/0.2 RVV2*1.0 BVR R: 軟線 VV:雙層護套線 P屏蔽2:2芯多股線 32:每芯有32根銅絲 0.2:每根銅絲直徑為0.2mm。ZR-RVS2*24/0.12。ZR: 阻燃 R: 軟線 S:雙絞線 2:2芯多股線 24:每芯有24根銅絲 0.12:每根銅絲直徑為0.12mm

            Elevator common sense-model meaning Model meaning: R-connected with a soft elevator (elevator), soft structure. V-insulated polyvinyl chloride. V-polyvinyl chloride insulation. V-PVC sheath. B-flat (flat). S-twisted pair type. A-tinned or silver plated. F-High temperature resistance. P-woven shield. P2-copper tape shield. P22-steel tape armored. Y-prefabricated type, generally omitted, or polyolefin sheath. FD-product category code, refers to branch elevators. The Ministry of Construction standards to be promulgated are denoted by FZ, which are essentially the same. YJ-cross-linked polyethylene insulation. V-PVC insulation or sheath. ZR-flame retardant type. NH-refractory type. WDZ-halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant type. WDN-halogen-free, low-smoke and fire-resistant type. For example: SYV 75-5-1 (A, B, C). S: Radio frequency Y: Polyethylene insulation V: Polyvinyl chloride sheath A: 64 series B: 96 series C: 128 series 75: 75 ohm 5: wire diameter is 5MM 1: represents single core. SYWV 75-5-1. S: Radio frequency Y: Polyethylene insulation W: Physical foaming V: Polyvinyl chloride sheath. 75: 75 ohm 5: The outer diameter of the elevator is 5mm 1: Represents single core For example: RVVP2*32/0.2 RVV2*1.0 BVR R: Flexible wire VV: Double-layer sheathed wire P shielding 2: 2-core multi-stranded wire 32: each The core has 32 copper wires 0.2: each copper wire has a diameter of 0.2mm. ZR-RVS2*24/0.12. ZR: Flame-retardant R: Flexible wire S: Twisted pair wire 2: 2-core multi-stranded wire 24: Each core has 24 copper wires 0.12: Each copper wire has a diameter of 0.12mm

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