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        1. 如何保證別墅家用電梯的安全


            Since the elevators used in homes are not within the scope of supervision of special equipment, villa home elevators have added a lot of convenience to people, but there are also many hidden safety hazards. In addition, individual users generally do not have professional technical knowledge of elevators. The safety problem is the problem that the villa home elevator needs to solve. So how to ensure the safety of villa home elevators?


          How to ensure the safety of villa home elevators

            1、安全風險Security Risk


            Before the purchase, since the user does not know how to choose and does not choose the elevator door and car suitable for his own residential building, there may be hidden dangers of accidents such as hand jamming. In addition, there may be greater hidden dangers because the height of the foot guards used to prevent the floor and the door from falling cannot meet the requirements. In addition to the choice of the elevator itself, the installation of domestic elevators does not require legal inspection, and the installation data is difficult to guarantee, and may even have not been formally debugged. Therefore, normal stability cannot be guaranteed during operation. Finally, when the elevator breaks down, the installation position of the rescue device is unscientific when people are trapped, the operability during rescue is poor, the rescue facilities of the elevator itself are not perfect, and the interphone is not installed. , The rescue time of rescuers cannot be guaranteed.



            When buying, choose a suitable home elevator driver according to the reserved space of your own home building; don’t pursue individuality and beauty too much, pay attention to the practical and safety performance of the elevator; don’t pursue the running speed too much, keep normal and stable operation; in the elevator car Install an alarm device and use it regularly in daily use. Do not choose products produced by informal manufacturers, because this can save a small part of the cost; no, because of laziness, we do not perform routine maintenance on home elevators


            Villa elevator manufacturers remind everyone that when choosing and purchasing, they must communicate with the manufacturer according to their own requirements, and choose the products they want on the premise of meeting the safety performance. It is recommended that the factory or regular dealers carry out the installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance of domestic elevators. As long as regular maintenance eliminates potential safety hazards, home elevators can certainly be purchased and used with confidence.

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